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The Ravings of Insanity, Madness, and Delirium

The Reason for the Voices

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My mind is filled with the cacophany of hundreds of voices, of voices within voices over voices. They are there... they lend advice, good or ill, and exist within the vast expanse of my mind...

Welcome to Absence.

Here is a city of dreams, a city of chaos and control. It is the seat of Gods and of demons. Hell creeps along the cracks of a city such as this. There is no hallowed ground here, no matter what the people tell you.

A living here is fought for, the people here bleed to survive.

The most inhospitable place surrounds this city of nightmares, creeping in, in places, pushed out violently in others. The ocean meets them, cold and dead and silent. There is nothing there. It is the interior which arouses interest, where the imaginative and imaginable go to exist.

It is a city with an iron heart, walled against access, and a body that barely survives in this shadow, but is finding new ways...

Welcome to Absence
Population: Infinitus

You'll find quite a collection of individuals in this area of cyberpace. If you get confused, you can always ask for further information...